Creative welding positions #FSAE #formulasae #ncsu #welding

Creative welding positions #FSAE #formulasae #ncsu #welding

Split mold in progress!

Split mold in progress!

Finished endbell for our @QuaifeEng diff. #fsae #ncsu

Finished endbell for our @QuaifeEng diff. #fsae #ncsu

Formula Rolling Chassis 2015

WMF-15 is now rolling!


Dry Sump is In

Fresh out of the CNC special thanks to MECHA, It is a shame that it will be hidden inside the engine.

Formula Testing 9-28-14

Here is a quick preview of our most recent testing session on 9-28-14. Driver Collin Walther navigating the slalom in WMF-14 on a weekend testing day.

Interest Meeting – Update

We have just gotten confirmation from the school about reserving a room! The interest meeting for both Formula and Baja teams will be held tomorrow in Riddick 451 at 7pm. We plan on providing a short presentation and heading to the shop afterwords for a tour. Plan on having transportation from campus to the shop as it is about 3 miles away. We look forward to seeing the turnout!

Interest Meeting

Stay tuned for the final date of the interest meeting for both Baja and Formula SAE. Tentative date has been set for Friday, September 12th in the afternoon somewhere on main campus. Once the room has been reserved the location date and time will be posted!

2014 Baja Recap

Wolfpack Motorsports Baja had a great year for the 2014 competitions! Thank you to all of our sponsors for helping us win 13th overall in Kansas and 19th overall in Illinois!


Final Rendering!