Our Graduates

Wolfpack Motorsports provides students with a wealth of hands-on, time management, and teamwork experience. Designing, building and competing with a race car requires a diligent work ethic and a well- organized team effort to be successful. Experience gained during involvement with the team develops skills that translate directly into the real world and has provided our graduates with an excellent foundation for the careers they are pursuing. Below is a list of graduates who were consistently involved with Wolfpack Motorsports and have proceeded on to bigger and better things.




Name Degree Organization
Minao Shen PhD in AE
Jon Dullham BSME Denso
Dan Dufresne BSME CM Red LLC
Josh Goughnour BSME General Electric
Myles Leonard BSME Austin Electrical
Nathan Brace BSBAE Allied Automation
Shawn Hardy BSAE ATI Industrial Automation
Taylor Gettys BSME RCR
Ryan Kordsmeier BSME Volvo Trucks
Steven Bollinger BSME Kinemax Engineering Pllc
Adam Southard BSME Corvid
Trey Cox BSME Progress Energy
Justin Howell BSME Cummins Diesel Engines
Will McCall BSIE AKG
Andrew Walecka BSME Volvo Trucks
Michael Lyons BSME Joe Gibbs Racing
Nic Snyder BSBAE Husqvarna
Ken Mandeville MSME Indigen Armor
Kemp Dunbar BSME Force Protection
Stephen Tate BSME Grad School – Co. School of Mines
Jeremy Reid BSME 3 Phoenix, Inc.
Chris Sturgis BSME Belcan Engineering Corp.
Max Koff BSME Avera Motors
Andrew Salzano BSME Honda Jet
Johnathan Allgood BSME Army
Seth Chavka BSME JRI Developement Group
Matt Anderson BSME Bosch
Drew Ulrich BSME Google
Eric Hamilton BSME AEgis
Matt Casey BSME IMPulse NC, Inc.
Beth Harrington BSME Volvo Trucks
Jonathan Parker BSME SpaceDev
Eric Refalko BSME Volvo Trucks
Rex Carriker BSME Slade Inc.
Chris Baker BSME Bosch Chassis Systems Control
Eric Poe BSME Roush Yates
Ivan Collins BSME ARA-I
Jason Short BSME Honeywell Aerospace
Kyle McArver BSME Roush Racing
Garrett Brady BSME Graduate School – Oxford Brookes
Grant Douglas BSME Tristar Systems
Adam Jenkins BSME Duke Energy
Luke Lambert BSME Richard Childress Racing
Jonathan Diuguid BSME Penske Racing
Shane Dunlevy MSME Magneti Marelli
Stewart Alexander MSME Graduate School – NC State
David Windsor BSME Eaton Corp.
Quoc Vo BSME Westinghouse
Justin Alexander BSME RCR
Jamie Bond MSME Sandia National Laboratories
David Motley MSME NAVAIR Depot
Brad Roberts BSME Graduate School – NC State
Jason Dufilho ARC Architect in Richmond, VA
Brian Wismann ID Brammo Motorsports
Jarno Kilian BSME Bosch Fuel Systems
Chad Brinkley BSME General Motors
Tim Griffin BSME Allied Plastics
Noah McKay BSME Richard Childress Racing
Mike Craft MSME Carrera Shocks
Nobu Neglishi MSME Carrera Shocks
Chad Zimmer BSME Richard Childress Racing
Fred Huscher BSME Axel Alliance Co.
Daniel Camacho BSME NC Dept. of Transportation
John Landrum BSME NC Dept. of Transportation
Julian Lamb MSME Honda Motors USA
Ryan Moody BSME Nekton Research
Jeremy Weitzel BSME Entrepreneur
Eric McBride BSME Graduate School – Stanford
Brandon Rooker BSME John Deere






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