Formula SAE Team


Team at Formula SAE Michigan 2017

Wolfpack Motorsports is NC State’s Formula SAE team. The team has thirteen returning members that are responsible for designing and manufacturing each of the five vehicle-subsystems; chassis, suspension, aerodynamics, powertrain, and electronics. Each subsystem requires its members to implement organizational, managerial, and most importantly engineering skills. Throughout the development of each subsystem, members design for manufacturability, packaging, cost, reliability, and effectiveness. An extraordinary amount of work goes into the car and there are many late nights spent at the shop. Students with leadership roles tend to spend 40-50 hours a week, sometimes more, working on design and construction.

Team Captains

EricMandelblit Zachary Zimits
Eric Mandelblit Zachary Zimits

Chassis Team

collin walther Lauren_Nicole_Micklow Trevor varney
Collin Walther
Chassis Lead
Lauren Micklow
Chassis Team Member
Trevor Varney
Chassis Team Member

Suspension Team

michael (2) EricMandelblit Bryson Jones
Michael Darges
Suspension Lead
Eric Mandelblit
Suspension Team Member
Bryson Jones
Suspension Team Member
Space_filler Space_filler
Alex Marvin
Suspension Team Member
Monique LaValley
Suspension Team Member

Powertrain Team

Space_filler Collin Evans Mitch Lavalle
Austin Perry
Engine Lead
Collin Evans
Drivetrain Lead
Mitchell LaValley
Engine Team Member
Staton Space_filler Evan_Raynor
Staton Michaels
Engine Team Member
Justin Woodruff
Engine Team Member
Evan Raynor
Engin Team Member
Devin Warren
Drivetrain Team Member

Electronics Team

Zachary Zimits
Zachary Zimits
Electronics Lead


Space_filler Space_filler
Graham Roper
Aerodynamics Lead
Nick Donato
Aerodynamics Team Member

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